MySurrey Volunteering Hub

An extension of the MySurrey web application connecting youth with city services and volunteering opportunities.


Engaging with Surrey's Youth

The City of Surrey is concerned with its under 19 population, and how to get them more engaged with the local governments services and programs. In order to provide a solution for this demographic that is relevant and useful for them, we first need to understand more about the group and their interests.

Youth perceive services as not being catered to them

There are too many services being offered that aren’t catered towards what Surrey Youth are looking for, so they tend to ignore the services in general, even though some would be beneficial or interesting to them.

Youth need to fulfill certain volunteering requirements

Youth are most interested in services such as recreational activities and events, many of them wanted to volunteer and not necessarily participate themselves. Also, Secondary students (Grades 10-12) require 30 hours of volunteer hours as a graduation requirement.

The City is communicating to everyone, but not reaching Youth

The content of the promotional information is too broad and lacks a target audience. The information is not reaching Surrey’s Youth because the majority of it is not of interest to them.


Narring down our scope

Based on what we learned about our demographic, we wanted to reframe the problem and provide a service that is of interest to Surrey students in Grades 10-12 because it meets the need of fulfilling their volunteering requirements.

How might we engage with secondary school students regarding volunteer opportunities to help them complete their 30 hours of volunteer experience?


What is the Volunteering Hub?

Start Here

An extension of the existing Surrey Online Services web application. It would be an additional section that consolidates all of the volunteering opportunities in and around the city in one place.

The old solution

It would replace the Better Impact site the city currently uses, which is lacking in following modern web usability standards.


What are some of the features?


On their first time searching for volunteering opportunities, students would go through a short onboarding survey to identify which types of opportunities they are interested in and then would receive curated opportunities based on their choices.

Volunteering history

They can also view their volunteering history, track their overall progression, and consolidate this information into a shareable document for their school to review.


Students can browse through volunteer opportunities on the landing page and try something new or search for specific programs they are interested in.


Search results can be filtered by areas of interest, location, and days of the week to help students find the right volunteer opportunities for them.


How does this benefit the City of Surrey?

Reduced cost, consistent experience

Their current solution for promoting, and applying for volunteering opportunities is being under-used and is not adhering to modern web usability standards. Based on the pricing structure from the Better Impact website, we believe it is costing them several thousands of dollars each year to maintain. Our solution integrates itself into an already existing platform that the City develops themselves (MySurrey) by adding an additional module.  We believe this approach would be a more cost-effective solution to maintain since it would be using web components that have already been built. This also allows them to keep a more consistent experience across their website.

Engage with youth

MySurrey Volunteering Hub gives youth a more streamlined volunteering experience that enables them to efficiently complete their 30 hours of required volunteer experience. The easy access helps students because all of the opportunities are available in one place. The City of Surrey and its partners are able to better engage with youth through this platform. It is a convenient way for the city and its partners to attract volunteers for different causes and events in the city. By keeping all of their services within the same platform, it creates the potential for youth to explore other services.