Smart light bulb controller for personal use and groups.


An efficient and minimalist solution

There are many smart bulb applications on the market, but I wanted to make one that incorporated functionality that existed within multiple other applications, and combine it all in to one, and add some more features too.


The features in detail

Starting simple

Smart bulb controllers in some homes are replacing a very basic tactile function which is using a light switch to turn off and on a light. The home screen was designed to give you a quick overview of the rooms in your home, or workplace, and allow you to have control over turning off all the lights in that room efficiently.

Details are one click away

You can select a specific room from the home screen, and quickly turn on and off individual lights, change their colour, or even turn on a "Preset", which will distribute a palette of colours across all the lights within the room.

Getting in a routine

Particularly when getting up in the morning before the sun rises, it can be nice to have your lights lightly wake you up. You can also set up routines to fade out at the end of the day as a reminder to get some rest.

Energy saving

You can apply these routines to your home to make sure that all your lights are turned off. Businesses can use this to set their lights to turn on as work is starting and turn off when everyone has left the building.

Setting the mood

As mentioned previously, you can have "Presets" which are colour palettes that get applied to a group of lights. These can also be set to change over time. This can be relaxing, inspiring or set the tone for whatever you are feeling in the moment.

Explore community presets

You can search through presets that other people have generated and save them to your list of presets. You can modify them further. This allows people to explore colour palettes they like without having to create them all on their own.

Getting in a routine

Users can set the lights to be synchronized with music that is playing. They can have it automatically choose when to switch between the colours, or they can manually set what rate they want them to change. This gives people an extra layer to their music listening experience from the comfort of their home.