mobile app feature design | ux/ui design | adobe illustrator


Citymapper, is an already existing and highly successful application. It provides users with transit information in cities around the world with transit arrival/departure times, locations, and step by step instructions on how to get from Point A to Point B. My partner and I were given the task of understanding the applications design language and its core features. We needed to create a new and unique feature for the application and create high-fidelity mockups that showcased it within the existing application and justify our reasoning for choosing our feature. Our idea was to integrate a day planner that allowed people to plan their day ahead of time or create a plan on the fly. They would be able to input multiple destination points and specify if they had to be there at a certain time, or if it was flexible. The application would give you estimated travel times, departure times, and arrival times for your entire day so that you didn’t have to manage it all yourself.


We created a persona to help justify our reasoning when making decisions about the application. Their main goals were that they wanted to be able to plan out their route days in advance, control it all in one area of the application and be given suggestions regarding when to leave so as not to be late for their scheduled events.

high-fidelity mockups

My partner and I worked out the logistics of what elements we wanted in the features and what tasks it would perform, and then I created all of mockups using Illustrator (these screens can be seen at the top of the page).


Since we were not creating an interactive prototype, I created some common tasks that people could complete using the application.


This was a very short project, spanning only 2 weeks for both research, design and final mockups. Learning an applications design style was very beneficial because you begin to understand the fine details of how they are applying their style throughout the application and you begin to see common patterns. This project also helped me understand how to make decisions based on an audience, so that your decisions are consistent and justifiable.

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