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Catalyst4 is a leadership and coaching business that aims to “develop leaders and high-performance teams”. Catalyst4 also makes in iOS application called “Coach Pro” which was available on a separate section of the website, so they also wanted that to be combined into the same website as their main coaching services. I was tasked with developing a new website for this business as their old one had not been updated in roughly 15 years. It was not responsive for different devices which made its experience and usability quite poor. My task was to take the current information and re-design a new website that would be accessible on multiple devices and modern in its design language.

information organization

Initially, the website had many different pages, all with relatively small amounts of content. There were 11 pages as well as the Coach Pro website and I condensed it into 3 pages. The first and main page outlined their main services and is now a long scrolling page with links to jump to different points in the page for a more fluid experience. Additionally, there is a separate about page still for information about the business, and then I took the same approach from the Coach Pro page and created a large scrolling page with links to different sections.

high-fidelity mockups

Because so many people browse websites on their phones, this business was missing out on potential customers because of their websites lack of accessibility. Using different images, layouts and font sizing for different screen sizes allows the content to be digestible on different devices.

The business wanted a large powerful image to be at the top of every page. A mountain, which has peaks and valleys, is one of the metaphors the business uses in its teachings, so it was very fitting to have this. The large banner image is included at every screen size to be a prominent element.

Here are some screenshots of the final website at different resolutions:


This was a unique experience for me because I had never taken an existing website and given the task of reworking it into a more modern design. It was good to have the constraints of having to organize the content in a new way that was more concise and allowed for a more fluid web experience. It was also good to work with a real client to understand their needs to make sure that the end product was well received.

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