This journey for me started many years ago; I didn't always see music the way I do now, but towards the end of high school, I really started to understand the way that music can fuel your soul and communicate without words.

My love for sound got to the point where I couldn't stand the thought of not buying a guitar and teaching myself to play. After that, I enrolled in the Audio Engineering program at Metalworks Institute in Toronto; it was there that I truly found beauty in the technical side of music.

This album has been a part of my life for many years. It has travelled with me from Ottawa, ON, where I shared my ideas at friends houses and on camping trips, all the way to the coast of Vancouver, BC, where I have met a bunch of creative people, and really started to hone in on my ideas for this album.

A trip to remember, a place to forget is a piece of my journey in life so far. It is an expression of my love for music and the energy it carries. It is an expression of my love for life, nature, this beautiful and remarkable planet we live on, and an expression of love for the ones who are close to me. Thank you for listening.